Visiting the Queen of England

When were we there
9 days, September 7-September 15

Where did we go
โœˆ๏ธ Flight from Milan to Manchester
๐Ÿก Stayed with family in Manchester
๐Ÿš„ Train from Manchester to London
๐Ÿจ The Westbourne Hyde Park
Really nice brand new hotel. Great layout!
๐Ÿจ K+K Hotel George London
Disappointing hotel. Small rooms, tiny gym


  • Visiting family
  • Day trip to Durham (Durham Castle and Angel of the North)
  • Dinner at Sachinโ€™s restaurant
  • British Museum
  • The London Eye

We made a stop in England to visit family. From Manchester we made a day trip to Newcastle, where Sachinโ€™s Indian Restaurant is! It was a crazy experience to visit this place we hadnโ€™t been back to in over 30 years, and tell the staff that I was *the* Sachin. It’s one of the best restaurants in town and everyone was super nice! The food was great and the wine list was ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ.

In London we had a great time with Kateโ€™s parents, eating and drinking our way through town. What a great city!