Back at home with all our stuff 📦

Kate and I moved back into our place in Hayes Valley! It’s feels great to be home.

But one feeling I can’t seem to shake as I’m looking around the place is the burden of owning so much “stuff”. We’re staring at a mountain of boxes that need to be unpacked.

For the past year we had nothing but a backpack and suitcase each. We didn’t miss any of our possessions, we never felt like we needed anything else. But best of all, there was never any work to take care of our “stuff”. It was very liberating, low stress.

I don’t think we’re hoarders at all (except maybe my collection of Apple memorabilia). Most of the stuff we have is what you need to live a normal life in America: a fully stocked kitchen, a computer and accessories, home theater, books. It adds up.

In an effort to simply our lives and own less stuff, we’re not unpacking all our boxes. We’re only unpacking to get at the things we realize we need. Everything else will stay in the box, and perhaps one day donated.

We’ll see how it goes!

Amazing dinner at Rich Table, our favorite restaurant in San Francisco. Conveniently just a block from our place.
Lots and lots to unpack!